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Getting algebra help means knowing yor absolute value. Absolute value measures the distance of a number away from zero. Regardless of whether the number is positive or negative, the value absolutely (pardon the pun) has to be positive.To get help in algebra ,we indicate an absolute value by placing a modulus in around the number. For any number n, it's absolute value would be symbol to show modulus of absolute value .In this article on algebra help, we shall take a look at number lines to explain absolute value.

For instance, we wish to find the absolute value of -3 and 3.Looking at the number line, there are two numbers (- 3 and 3) that are the same distance away from the zero point. Thus, the absolute value of 3 and 3 is 3.

Here are some examples to test your understanding of absolute value in our algebra help courses.

Examples of Algebra Help

a) What are the two numbers that have an absolute value of 5?

If you answered 5 and 5, you did a great job.

b) Solve the equation equation on absolute value

From what we understand about absolute values in algebra help, we have to set up two equations because 5 and 5 are both 5 units away from zero.

Equation 1:

3 2x = 5

After arranging, we find out that one of the values for x is -1.

Equation 2:

3 2x = - 5

We place a negative sign in front of the 5.

After arranging, x = 4

As you can see, there are two values of x in solving this absolute value equation.

c) Solve

Many students are tempted to split the problem into two different equations and work it from there as we did previously, but this is incorrect. This absolute equation question is tricky because it forces the student to realize that the absolute value is always positive. So, there are no solutions. This might trick students who are finding help on algebra.

'Try it Yourself' Section with Algebra Help

Have some practise to wrap off what we have learnt about absolute value in our algebra help courses.

Solve the following absolute value questions in our algebra help tutorial.

1) problem on absolute value

2) absolute value inequality

Absolute Value Joke :

Al-gebra is a fearsome cult," Ashcroft said. "They desire average solutions by means and extremes, and sometimes go off on tangents in a search of absolute value.

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