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algebra help in algebra 2

Algebra 2 is the next step towards getting help for algebra. It takes right off from algebra 1 and students are expected to know exponents, logarithms, polynominials, functions, matrix at the end of the algebra help course. Thorough understanding of this topic is helpful for all students going through high school as it prepares you for the more advanced math courses in college. Besides that, a good foundation in algebra 2 will give you a significant advantage from your peers in college entrance exams such as SAT and ACT.

Here are some of the simplier topics under algebra 2.

Getting algebra help in algebra 2

Basic trigonometry functions

Learn how trigonometry functions (tangent, cosine and sine) are obtained through the use of a right angle triangle. There's also a scholar's tip which teaches you on how to memorize the trigonometry functions easily, making algebra help accessible for all.

Algebra Help Word Problems

Here are several common algebra word problems that every student will come across. With clear explanation and diagrams, you can easily understand the numbers behind the algebra help word problems. You will also be guided through the thinking processes of working out the problems so that you will get them right no matter what.


Factoring involves separating an algebraic expression into smaller expressions with brackets. This is also known in simplier terms as grouping. For instance, algebra 2 equation can be factorised into (x+1)(x-2). . This can also be done with powers higher than 2.Factors are an essential part of getting algebra help

Below are algebra 2 topics that may take a little longer to understand.


The beginning of matrices can be traced back to the 2nd century BC and it has lasted since then. Matrices are simply simultaneous linear equations grouped within a rectangle. Advanced problems with matrices often involves finding the inverse, transpose and determinants.


Functions are equations that express relationships between variables.For example,if we want to find the life of a tree by counting the number of rings in his trunk, we can depict this relationship with an equation (only if it's consistant).In algebra help ,you will learn terms like range and domain that state the starting and ending points of the relationship.

Algebra 2 courses may be difficult but if you pay close attention to the above algebra help topics , you should have no problems.

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