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Algebra Problems

What are some of the problems that students normally encounter in algebra? In this article, we shall discuss some of the techniques in solving algebra problems. At the end, you can try applying these techniques in solving a list of algebra problems given.

When we first look at algebra problems, we have to decide what we are trying to solve. Findout what we want our end result to be. Then, we look out for the crucial information in the problem, details that can lead us to our result. Only then can we approach the question with a clear focus on the overview of the algebra problem. Afterwards, we figure out the most appropriate method of solving the problem. If you are not familiar with the types of algebra question asked, you have to check different methods systematically and see which method is best suited for that specific problem. Do not worry though, in no time, you will subconsciously learn how to approach these problems with a lot of practice.

Sometimes , algebra problems may require diagrams for explanation. This is especially so for algebra word problems where all the details you are given is based on a single unknown variable.Let's try out an example.

Now, Kim's brother's age is thrice of Kim's. In three year's time , Kim's brother will be twice as old as Kim. What is Kim's current age?

For this algebra problem, we can approach it through different methods. Let us see which one will obtain us the quickest and most presentable solution.

We can use the 'trial and error' method and guess the correct answer eventually. If you use this method, you have to state out the previous incorrect guesses before coming across the correct one otherwise marks will definitely be deducted.Note that it will be best if you list them out in a systematic order.

Another method would be creating algebra equations to depict the relationships between kim and kim's brother. Remember that you have to state what symbol you used to represent the unknown variable before solving the algebra problem. It would also be terrific if you draw rectangular diagrams and arrows to show the relationships graphically. This would earn you presentation marks and it makes solving the algebra problem much easier.

Let us test this technique with a simultaneous word problem that tests on concepts of algebra.

On to example of algebra problems

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