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Basic Algebra

This is the place to build a strong foundation in basic algebra. These algebra topics are taught at high school, often requiring students to solve for the unknown x .Students would have to be proficient in basic algebra in order to take AP algebra courses in the future.If you read through the below courses and work hard at the basic algebra concepts, you can be sure of having an easy time in algebra during high school.

Basic Algebra Topics

Algebra problems

Algebra Problems How to solve most algebra problems

Steps in solving algebra problems (Example)

Steps in solving algebra problems- Go through the thinking processes.

Completing the Square

Completing the Square - learn how to simplify quadratic functions

Solve quadratic inequalities

Solve quadratic inequalities - Inequalities with 2 unknown variables. How to solve them

Solving inequalities

Solving inequalities - Learn to solve inequalities with the number line

Simultaneous equations

Simultaneous equations find the answers to simultaneous linear equations by substitution or elimination

Simultaneous quadratic equations

Simultaneous quadratic equations solving simultaeous equations that have powers of two.


Midpoint- what's the midpoint between two coordinates

Distance formula

Distance formula- find the distance between two points.

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