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Convert decimal to fraction


Converting decimal to fraction is a basic concept that is taught at primary schools and generally requires three steps. In order to convert decimal to fraction, heed the following steps.

1. Copy the number on the right of the decimal point into the numerator. For instance, the question asks to convert 0.045 into a fraction. Thus , we copy 45 and place it at the top of the fraction.

2. Identify the number of decimal places the decimal is in before converting it into a fraction with a suitable denominator.In this case, there are three decimal points , so we put 1000 into the denominator

Lastly, simplify the fraction and viola you have managed to convert the decimal into a fraction.

We have listed several examples below to explain how to arrive at these two steps.


a) Convert 0.16 into a fraction.

First we place the number 16 which is on the right of the decimal point in the numerator.

The decimal place found in this decimal is two. So we deduce that the denominator is 100 th place and write 100 in the denominator.

As such, we can say that 0.16 is the same as 16/100.

After simplifying, we obtain the answer 4/25.

b) Convert 0.457 into a fraction.

As in the first example, we place the number 457 which is on the right of the decimal point in the numerator.

The decimal place is 3. So the denominator is in the 1000 th place and we write 1000 in the denominator.

At this point, we can conclude that 0.457 is equal to 457/1000. As it cannot be simplified further, the answer remains 457/1000.

'Try it Yourself' Section

Practise converting decimals into fraction by yourself. If you have problems, take note of the steps we have went through.

Convert the following decimals into fractions

a) 0.00432


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