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Dividing Fractions


Dividing fractions is simple and that's how we will teach it to you. Once you learn how to multiply a fraction, you should have no problems with dividing fractions.If you are unsure on how to multiply fractions, please go to multiply fractions before returning to this section. We will first look into how to divide a number with a fraction.

Dividing a number with a fraction

1. Find the reciprocal of the fraction. If we are dividing 6 with 1/5, we flip the fraction over to obtain 5 as the reciprocal of the fraction.

2. Multiply this reciprocal with the number. Thus, we multiply 5 with 6 to get 30 as our final answer.

Scholar's tip : Before multiplication, make sure that the function is completely simplified by canceling like terms in the denominator and nominator. This prevents unnecessary dividing and multiplying and thus reduce careless mistakes and time spent.

Interesting Note : You can only divide with non-zero fractions otherwise the answer is undefined.

Dividing a fraction with another fraction

Dividing a fraction with another fraction works in the same manner. Let me remphasise that you still have to find the reciprocal of the fraction that you are dividing with and continue from there. For instance , when we divide 1/3 with 1/4 , we flip the 1/4 over and get 4 as its reciprocal.Following the steps that we have learnt in dividing fractions, we multiply 4 with 1/3 and get 4/3 as our final answer.


Divide 2/10 with 1/20 and put the answer in its simpliest form.

As usual, we first find the reciprocal of the fraction that we are dividing with (in this case 20).Then we check whether the fractions can be further simplified before multiplying. 2/10 is then reduced to 1/5. This is then multiplied with 20 to give us the final answer of 4.

'Try it Yourself' Section

Have some practice dividing fractions with the following expressions.

1. 3 divided by 4/5

2. 5/2 divided by 0

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