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Equivalent Fractions


Equivalent fractions are fractions that have the same value. Basically, two equivalent fractions can be said to represent the same portion of an object. Let us use the example of a cake to explain the concept of equivalent fractions. Looking at the diagrams below, we can easily see that half of a whole cake is equivalent to 2 of 4 equal slices of the cake. Either way, you get the same amount of cake.

Let us look at some equivalent fractions.

How do we find equivalent fractions to 1/2 ? We simply multiply it by with a same number in both the numerator and denominator. so 1/2 = 2 /4= 3/6= 4/8 and the list goes on..

Similary , 1/3 = 2/6=.....

To find an equivalent fraction that has been simplified, we reverse this process and divide both the numerator and denominator with a same number. For instance, we take the common 4 in 4/36 to reduce the fraction to 1/9.


a) Give three equivalent fractions of 5/6 .

There are an infinite number of solutions for this equivalent fractions question but you are only required to give three. Just remember that you have to multiply the nominator and denominator with the same number. Some examples of answers would be 10/12 , 15/18, 20/24 .

b) Simplify 125/1000 into its simpliest form.

Even though it does not specifically ask for the equivalent fraction, it tests the concept of equivalent fractions. We find the greatest common factors of 125 and 1000 which is 125. Then, we divide the nominators and denominators correspondingly with 125 to obtain 1/8.

'Try it Yourself' Section

List several equivalent fractions to the below fractions.


b 32/24

Check out some of the games on equivalent fractions to boost your own confidence and have fun at the same time.

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