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Fraction Games

Fraction games are sure to entice the children into learning fractions.We have tried some of these online fraction games ourselves and couldn't get enough of them ourselves. As such, we thought it would be a good idea to share our pleasure with students and have compiled a list of the best fraction games. So get strapped and ready to learn fraction with these entertaining games.

Equivalent Fraction Games

At Fractions Mystery Picture, you match fractions to equivalent numerical values covering a picture. Once a fraction is correctly matched, it reveals a small part of the puzzle.When the fractions are all correctly matched, it will reveal a suprising picture.A definite must play for the primary school student.

A more adrenaline rushing equivalent fraction games can be found at Fraction Frenzy. Rushing against the time bar, you match fractions together. The sound effects are an extra bonus. Shockwave required.

Another game on fractions we liked is matching fractions (featured on diagrams and numerical values) that are concealed beneath an image. Besides testing on fractions, it also tests your memory capability,making you remember the last fraction you just flipped over. Try this fraction game!

Multiplying / Dividing Fraction Games

Students may not consider these as fraction games.They are not as high in entertainment value as the other games but are good ways to practice multiplying and dividing fractions. Besides having a time limit, these games record your scores.

Give multiplying fraction game and dividing fractions game a try.

Fraction Games in Class

For this fraction game, you need rectangular paper strips and a group of students. Cut the rectangular strips into varying lengths and label them with fractions (e.g 1/2, 1/3, 1/5,1/6). Distribute the strips randomly amongst the students.The winner of this fraction game has to be the first to have strips that have a total value equivalent to one.Students are allowed to swap strips with each other. For instance , if a student needs 1/6 to get to 1 and has an additional 1/3 , he can ask another student to swap for 2 1/6s for his 1/3. This fraction game tests on adding fractions, equivalent fractions and good oral communication skills.

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