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Midpoint is the exact position between two points. When we are asked to find the average of two numbers, we would add them together and divide it by two. Similarly, for midpoints, we average out the x and y values.

Before we begin, let us state the midpoint formula.

Midpoint of midpoint coordinate and picture showing one of the coordinates for midpoint = midpoint formula

Sometimes, instead of finding the resulting midpoint, the question requires us to find a coordinates given the other coordinate and the midpoint. To solve such a question , we have to work backwards.


a)Find the midpoint of (2,-2) and (1,4).

Applying the midpoint formula , we get = (4,1)

b) The midpoint of two coordinates is (3,-4). One of the coordinates is

(5,-1). Find the other coordinate.

For this question, we have to work backwards.

(3,-4) = midpoint equation

midpoint coordinate = ( -1,-7)

'Try it Yourself' Section

Find the midpoints of the below coordinates.

a) (4,5) and (2,1)

b) Given that the midpoint is (2,3) and that one of the coordinates is (4,6) , find the other coordinate.

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